K-2 Computer Activities

Keyboarding Activities

Ghost Typing Junior - abcya.com - easy typing skills game, stresses identifying and finding letters on the kb, not speed or translation of words

Typing Rocket Jr. - same as above

Cup Stack Typing - same as above

Jump Key Typing - same as above

Keyboard Invasion - Space Invaders game for typing.

Keyboarding Zoo 2 -1st and 2nd grade keyboarding

Alpha Munchies Typing Game 

Typing Race

Typing Rocket

Mousing Activities

Monster Mansion - Alphabet Matching - memory match letters and words using mouse clicks

Upper & Lowercase Letter Match - click and drag matching letters

Alphabet Bubble - click letters as they float by in bubbles

Color, Draw & Paint

Computational Thinking Activities

ABCYA: Fuzz Bug Patterns

ABCYA: Moon Rocket Patterns

ABCYA: Fuzz Bugs Counting, Sorting, and Comparing

Need a Hero - help your mouse friends escape the maze of mouse traps with logical thinking

Fuzz Bugs Factory Hop

Baby Chick Maze

Tingly Bubble Shooter

Jelly Collapse