St. Anne's Student Makers Projects

2018-19 School Year

a video series by Savannah and Rebecca, Class of 2020

a GoFundMe project by Lauren and Bailey, Class of 2020

a podcast by Amanda, Brooklyn, and Chiara, Class of 2020

an fantasy novella by Emma, Class of 2020

a video series by Ethan, Emmanuel, Gio, and Logan, Class of 2020

Conspiracy Net

a conspiracy theory community site, by Koen "Ross", Class of 2019

What's the fastest possible time to complete the classic video game Super Mario Brothers?? Aidan from the Class of 2019 uses technology to find out!

a fantasy novel by Mia, Class of 2019

a sports talk show video series by Jeremiah, Anthony, and Zach, Class of 2019 (must be logged in to to view)